Which is more suitable for modern people, LCD screen or traditional CRT monitor?

by:Genyu     2020-02-17

science and technology are constantly innovating, and display technology is also progressing rapidly. Liquid crystal display (LCD) It has a series of advantages such as small volume, light weight, low power consumption and stable image without flicker, and the price is also very close to the people. It is gradually replacing CRT display, what are the obvious characteristics of LCD compared with the previous CRT?

LCD has a wide range of applications:

at first, the LCD screen cannot display characters. It is usually applied to electronic watches and calculators. With the continuous development and progress of liquid crystal display technology, characters can be displayed and the most basic color display is also supported, and it is gradually applied to liquid crystal televisions, liquid crystal displays on video cameras, handheld game consoles, etc.

later DSTN and TFT were widely made into liquid crystal display devices in computers, and the liquid crystal display of DSTN was used in early notebook computers; Tft LCD is both applied to notebook computers ( Most laptops now use TFT displays), Also used on mainstream desktop displays.

The visible area of the LCD screen is large:

under the same size, the area that the LCD screen can see is larger, the visual area of the LCD screen is exactly the same as the diagonal, but the CRT monitor, relatively speaking, has 1 inch of the places that cannot be displayed normally.

The quality of the display is high:

every point of the LCD screen keeps a color after receiving the signal, and the display of the cathode ray tube (CRT)We need to constantly refresh the bright spots. Therefore, the image quality of the liquid crystal display is not only high but also does not flicker, which reduces the fatigue of the eye.

The 'figure' is relatively well-proportioned and small:

The display of the traditional cathode ray tube will have a Ray tube behind it. However, there is no LCD, which will give people a brand-new feeling. The traditional display is an electron gun that emits an electron beam and then transmits it to the screen. Its restriction will be very large, and the pipe diameter of the picture tube cannot be too short, thus making the volume of the display larger.

The liquid crystal display is realized by changing the state of liquid crystal molecules through the electrodes on the display screen. Even if its screen increases, its volume will not increase proportionally, relatively speaking, the weight will be lighter.

The picture effect is good:

compared with the traditional display, the liquid crystal display is a glass plate used, and the display effect is better, its resolution is also very high.

The power consumption is small:

The internal circuit of the traditional display is very complicated, cathode Ray Tube work is the need to consume a lot of power, it increases the volume, the internal circuit power consumption will be larger. In contrast, the power consumption of liquid crystal display is mainly consumed on its internal electrodes and driving IC, so the power consumption will be much smaller than that of traditional display.

Digital Interface:

most liquid crystal displays are digital, while cathode ray tube color display is an analog interface. When using LCD, the graphics card does not need to be converted as before. Theoretically, this will make the color and positioning more accurate and perfect.

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