Which is the best small LCD?

by:Genyu     2019-12-18

small LCD screens are widely used, such as smart watches, display screens on rice cookers, air conditioning remote controls, air conditioning display screens, refrigerator display screens, car display screens, electronic scales, functional mobile phones, etc. , small LCD screens are everywhere.

small LCD screen has developed from black and white screen to color screen and then to LCD screen. Products are constantly updated, so how to choose from small LCD screens produced by many manufacturers?

The size and display effect of the small LCD screen are considered first by the user. The small liquid crystal display produced by Shenzhen Jingyao Institute has 1. 54 inch, 2. 4 inches, 2. 8 inch, 3. 5 inch, 4. 3 inches, 4. 5 inch, 5. 2 inches, 5. 5-inch and other small LCD screens.

The small LCD screen produced by Jingyao, the factory introduces the latest production equipment, thousands of square meters of-level dust-free workshops, hundreds of professional and dedicated technicians and production personnel, professional product testing equipment, with standard products, fixed product sales, key model standing inventory, flexible production, small production mode advantages.

The small liquid crystal display produced by Jingyao adopts wide temperature industrial control FTFLCD, adopts new materials and IC driving mode, the high and low temperature characteristics of TFTLCD are improved. It also supports multi-touch and optimizes the touch experience. The display effect is exquisite, clear, realistic and gorgeous, and has industrial-grade stability and reliability.

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