Which LCD screen is used for medical equipment?

by:Genyu     2019-12-24
At present, there are four main display modes used by monitors in the medical industry: a. Digital tube (LED display) : Only digital results can be displayed, waveform information cannot be displayed, and the function is simple. It was used in the early single-parameter monitor. B. CRT display: this is a very common display. Its advantages are high resolution, low price, large volume, difficult miniaturization of the whole machine, high voltage radiation and easy heating. C. LCD Display: LCD display. Its advantages are small volume, low power consumption, no radiation, no heat ,. In the 1990s S, the advent of color TFT technology overcame the shortcomings of low brightness and small viewing angle of monochrome LCD, and was quickly widely used because color display was pleasing to the eye and intuitive in image, at present, LCD display screens are used in mainstream monitors at home and abroad. D. EL display screen: before TFT display appeared, EL display screen was once used for high-grade monitors. Besides the advantages of LCD, it also has the advantages of high brightness and large viewing angle, the disadvantage is that the cost is very high. Therefore, with the development of TFT display screen, the application of EL display screen in monitoring field is gradually replaced by TFT display screen.
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