Why should the industrial LCD display produced by Jingyao adopt wide temperature design

by:Genyu     2019-12-20

The different working environments test the display products quite a lot. Jingyao is a professional manufacturer of industrial LCD screens and touch screens. The customer's appeal is the driving force of our actions, more and more terminal manufacturers have special requirements for working temperature. Jingyao has been working hard in the display industry for many years, and we have been doing our best to meet the needs of customers.

for different working environments. No matter in the morning or evening or in spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter in different regions around the world, there are many different terminal products in operation, and they are all equipped with high-reliability LCD displays, these terminal machines may be exposed to the sun in the summer, the temperature is very high, of course, at this time our industrial LCD display is also working together, can not be a problem. In some northern regions, it is very cold in winter and the ordinary LCD display screen cannot work. At these times, an industrial LCD display screen resistant to high and low temperatures is needed to provide information and escort for terminal equipment.

LCD display screen needs to be visible and waterproof under ultra-high brightness and direct sunlight while realizing normal operation in extreme temperature environment. And the GPU and display screen of the liquid crystal display module will heat up during use. The higher the resolution of the LCD display, the greater the calorific value. Matching hardware environments that meet the requirements of different environments is also a technical difficulty for testing the R & D team.

now LCD display technology has become more and more mature. LCD display screen is also used more and more in the industry today. LCD display screen can fully meet the changeable working environment and requirements of human beings. When scientific and technological products enter the manufacturing industry, once they find a direction, the development speed will be quite rapid. Jingyao has been acting!

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