Will the backlight be extinguished at high temperatures?

by:Genyu     2019-11-22
Usually the operating temperature of the backlight is-20- 70 degrees, the drawings before proofing will also be clearly indicated. Yesterday, when a customer was doing a high temperature test, the temperature was 45 degrees, and the backlight was extinguished, cooling to about 35 degrees and normal work, it is suspected that our backlight can not withstand high temperatures, and later after a series of tests is their driver chip problem, the driver chip is inferior fakes. The luminescence of the backlight depends on the lamp bead. The normal temperature resistance of an LED lamp bead is 110 degrees or even higher. When the temperature that can damage the lamp bead is reached, the lamp bead will be irreversible after it is broken, it won't work any more, so why do you say that the working temperature of the backlight is -? 20-- 70 degrees, first of all, the normal temperature resistance of the lamp bead is about 60 degrees. The higher the temperature, the shorter the life span. Secondly, the acrylic material will soften at about 90 degrees, in this way, there will be thermal expansion and contraction, and the thinner the tension, the easier it is to deform, because a reasonable working temperature range can be set so that the backlight can be used for a longer time.
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