Working Principle of LCD liquid crystal display

by:Genyu     2019-12-29
LCD liquid crystal display screen is widely used in our life. LCD display screen has its own advantages and characteristics, so that it can stand upright in the industry for so many years, in order to enable everyone to better use the LCD liquid crystal display, the following is an introduction to the working principle of the LCD liquid crystal display for future repair and maintenance. Working principle editing, the basic principle that the screen can display is to fill the liquid crystal material between two parallel plates, and change the arrangement of molecules inside the liquid crystal material through voltage, in order to achieve the purpose of shading and light transmission to display images of different shades and patchwork, and as long as a ternary color filter layer is added between the two flat plates, color images can be displayed. Main features editing, liquid crystal is an organic complex composed of long rod-shaped molecules. In the natural state, the long axes of these rod-like molecules are roughly parallel. The first feature of LCD is that liquid crystal must be poured into two planes with fine grooves to work normally. The grooves on these two planes are perpendicular to each other (90 degree intersection) That is to say, if the molecules on one plane are arranged in the north-south direction, the molecules on the other plane are arranged in the east-west direction, while the molecules located between the two planes are forced into a 9-degree torsion state. Since the light travels along the direction of the molecules, the light is also twisted 90 degrees when passing through the liquid crystal. However, when a voltage is applied to the liquid crystal, the molecules will be rearranged vertically so that the light can be directly emitted without any torsion. The second characteristic of LCD is that it relies on polarized filters and light itself. Natural light is randomly divergent in all directions. Polarized filters are actually a series of thinner and thinner parallel lines. These lines form a net, blocking all the light that is not parallel to these lines. The line of the polarized filter is exactly perpendicular to the first one, so it can completely block the polarized light. Only when the lines of the two filters are completely parallel or the light itself has been twisted to match the second polarized filter can the light penetrate. The LCD is made up of two polarized filters that are perpendicular to each other, so under normal circumstances all light that is trying to penetrate should be blocked. However, since the two filters are filled with twisted liquid crystal, after the light passes through the first filter, it will be twisted 90 degrees by the liquid crystal molecules and finally pass through the second filter. On the other hand, if a voltage is applied to the liquid crystal, the molecules will be rearranged and completely parallel, so that the light will not be twisted, so it is just blocked by the second filter. In short, the power is blocked by the power, and the light is emitted without power. Of course, it is also possible to change the arrangement of the liquid crystal in the LCD so that the light is emitted when it is powered on and blocked when it is not powered on. However, since the LCD screen is almost always lit, only 'power-on will block the light. Liquid Crystal is an almost transparent substance. The path through which light penetrates the liquid crystal is determined by the arrangement of the molecules that make up it, which is a characteristic of solid. Charging the liquid crystal will change its molecular arrangement, which in turn will cause distortion or blocking of light. The stopwatch used in the school sports meeting, the display interface is the liquid crystal display screen, the remarkable feature of the liquid crystal display screen is the power saving, the battery-powered equipment display screen is preferred. There are also many types of liquid crystal displays. TN is a twisted item type and is also a basic type. The price is low. IPS has a wide viewing angle screen, which is less upscale and relatively expensive. The common circuit is to use the driver IC, such as 1621, to drive the liquid crystal, because the liquid crystal and LED screen drive methods are different, it is not possible to simply give the pin voltage to light up, it is necessary to use positive and negative alternating waveforms to drive. In order to save the driving cost, a simple LCD screen, that is, a screen with only a few points or a dozen points, usually uses the method of directly simulating waveform driving with the IO port of the single chip microcomputer, with low cost, the performance is also relatively stable. In the process of using the selection, it should also be noted that in some places, the cold and low temperature will lead to abnormal use of the liquid crystal, or the need for high-definition display, need to add a back film or use a LED screen.
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