You don't know the six major advantage: bar LCD liquid crystal display

by:Genyu     2020-03-15
Bar cross-cutting design of liquid crystal screen, the breakthrough of the limitations of traditional LCD screens for installation environment, makes the project become more flexible. Bar LCD screen better adapt to the use environment and service for people, its unique elongated shape to make people look is also very pleasant. LCD screen bar is along with the development of the LCD panel and a LCD products due to demand oriented. As the name implies: the bar is a strip of LCD screen LCD, is a form of special-shaped screen. Along with the development of the progress of science and technology, more and more used in bar screen, such as: bus, subway, etc. The above shows the sign of the route. The bar screen application range is very wide, so to speak. < / p> < p> < / p> a, high reliability, good stability < / p> bar highlighted LCD LCD substrate through unique technology processing. Make ordinary TV screen has the characteristics of industrial LCD display, high reliability, good stability, suitable for working in harsh environment. < / p> 2, high efficiency and energy saving, long life < / p> bar use imported aluminum board, LCD powerful heat absorption and the ability to make the LED light failure to a minimum. Back light heat to minimise the impact on the LCD substrate, achieve energy saving, long life, energy saving, lighter volume effect of the product. < / p> 3, the intelligent control the crystal yao in effect < / p> high brightness LCD screen configuration bar light automatic controller, according to the surrounding environment automatically adjust the screen brightness, the screen image to achieve the best visual effects, but also to the aging degree of energy saving and low product components. Four, ultra-high dynamic contrast < / p> < / p> bar LCD screen with high dynamic contrast, colour display is more saturated and gorgeous, more three-dimensional distinct visual effect, super fast response time, unique black field insert and backlight scanning technology to enhance the visual representation of dynamic picture. < / p> 5, excellent wide temperature operating characteristics < / p> bar LCD screen can satisfy the quick start in low temperature environment and clear image display, all-weather operation under natural environment temperature, very suitable for outdoor display requirements. Six, wide application field < / p> < / p> bar LCD application field widely, but areas of application: bus, subway, airport, shopping malls, security monitoring, command and dispatch center, exhibition center display system, multimedia teaching, government institutions, schools, studio, video conference system, multi-function hall, entertainment venues, restaurants, advertising display, brand stores image display, television, company showrooms, etc. < / p> along with the advance of this kind of screen production, the appearance of it also has many changes. From the same color became can adapt many kinds of color, can be seen in many places the shape and color of all sorts of strip of the LCD panel. This is also a reform and development in the area of display. Because of the original screen installation, not only need many human help, there are also other trouble, so in most places have replaced the operation is simple and don't need too much power station section. < / p>
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