In order to best serve you, please provide us your requirements, we will 
    1. Firstly check our products, to see if we have the same size.
    2. Secondly we will see the technical data then give you a proper suggestion to save your cost.

COG LCD Screen, Dot Matrix LCD, Graphic LCD Display, Chip On Glass LCD Display, LCD Display, LCD, LCD Module.

1>> Customizable according to client's requirement

2>>Monochrome Custom-made LCD Module in TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, TNVA-LCD Screen.

3>>Available for different modes such as Yellow-Green, Blue, Black, Gray color

4>>Customizable for the total module including new size, backlight, color, PCB circuit board, connection mode, PIN No. etc.

Genyu's graphic COG LCD Display has a wide range of applications, household appliances, industrial equipment. Graphic LCD Screen from Genyu factory. our large selection of Graphic LCD Display for applications.

We have an extensive range of LCD graphic display with various backlight and LCD type combination.