Professional LCD Manufacturer, customizable LCD


-Genyu provides one to one engineer docking development project

-Genyu provides one to one business negotiation support for customers

-Genyu provides one to one high-quality after-sales service

-Professional factory, professional engineer, professional quality and professional service



We will do any improvement of technics and quality per customer's requirement, constantly developing new products and optimizing the product structure.

We have cog lcd screen, dot matrix lcd, segment lcd, cob lcd module, dot matrix lcm, segment lcm, segment lcd display, character lcd, oled display, tft lcd module.


1. Genyu is a manufacturer of LCD screens for over 1000 employee.

2. Genyu has nearly 20 years of production and sales experience.

3. Genyu has strong r&d engineering teams.

4. Genyu now has 2 production lines for TN HTN STN FSTN VA

5. Genyu has 8 COB assembly lines and 17 COG production lines.

6. Genyu has 12 OLED and TFT LCD production lines. (the third OLED manufacturer in mainland China)

7. Genyu has more than 60,000 square meters of production plant.


Nearly 20 years of LCD manufacturer, constantly developing new products and optimizing the product structure.


In order to best serve you, please provide us your requirements, we will 
    1. Firstly check our products, to see if we have the same size.
    2. Secondly we will see the technical data then give you a proper suggestion to save your cost.



Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.

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