What is TFT?


TFT -LRB-Thin Film Transistor) is a type of active matrix liquid crystal display. It can“Actively” control individual pixels on the screen, which can greatly improve response time.

General TFT reaction time is fast, about 80 milliseconds, and the visual angle is large, generally up to 130 degrees, mainly used in high-end products. Thin-film field-effect transistors (fet) are thin-film transistors that are integrated behind every pixel of liquid crystal in a liquid crystal display.

Thus, it can display screen information with high speed, high brightness and high contrast. TFT is an active matrix liquid crystal display and is technically driven by an “Active matrix” approach, using transistors made using thin-film technology, using the scanning method“Active pull” control of any one display point on and off, when the light source irradiation first through the lower polarizer upward transmission, transmission of light with the help of liquid crystal molecules, through shading and light transmission to achieve the goal of display.