To understand the 3 advantages of lcd display in one minute


1. Low working voltage, low power consumption dot-matrix LCD screen in all the working voltage in the display at a relatively low level. Especially at present, People's demand for energy-saving electronic products is relatively high. As a part of transmitting information to the outside world, the lower the power consumption of dot-matrix LCD screen is, the more favorable it is to control the overall power consumption of electronic products. Even if the long hours of work, low-power dot-matrix LCD display will not increase the burden of force. 

2. Large information visual area visual dot matrix LCD screen although the voltage is low, but the display area is not reduced, its visual area is not only large, but also can display a lot of information. A variety of letters, numbers, Chinese characters, graphics display no pressure, clear and intuitive, dot-matrix LCD screen display of information simple, direct by many electronic products. 

3. Long life digital interface digital interface of dot matrix LCD screen is more in line with the development trend of the current electronic industry, it can connect with various electronic devices smoothly, programming is convenient to display information settings. Although the specifications of dot-matrix LCD display are different, but the overall advantage is long service life, the working principle of the dot-matrix LCD display can be a long time service.