Black and white LCD panel module of the three structures


1. Cob (patch-bonded circuit board) + LED (backlight) + LCD (glass) . This type is more commonly used, through the welding of backlight, glass composition of liquid crystal module, generally used for central control of machine equipment display, the structure of this type of products than the second vibration resistance is much better, this structure can also be used for wiring LCD connection.


2. Cob (patch-bonded circuit board) + LED (backlight) + LCD (glass) + iron frame tape. The LCD of this kind of module need not weld, connect circuit board and glass through conductive tape, usually by LCD display content and complex (the more content, the more glass pin, and the more dense, welding is not advisable) the case of choice, of course, can also be customized.


3. Cob (patch-bonded circuit board) + LCD (glass) . This type is also called no-light black-and-white LCD module. That is, instead of using a backlight, the glass is pasted with a reflector on the bottom, and the glass is directly welded to a circuit board. This type of module is generally used in low-power products, also depends on the client environment, such as: calculator, blood pressure meter, telephone, etc. .