Types and uses of LCD liquid crystal display polaroids


eflective polarizer: the brighter the ambient light (from the sun, office lights, etc.) , the clearer the contrast, and the easier it is to read. Suitable for indoor and direct sunlight and other bright environment light environment. For example, battery-powered instruments.

Transmission Polarizer: you have to turn on the backlight to make the display readable. Ambient light from office lights or sunlight will pass through the bottom glass and not bounce back to the top. And in the outdoor sunlight reflection will drown out the backlight, the display will be very dark.


Semitransparent: combines the functions of a reflection and transmission polarizer. It makes the display readable whether the backlight is on or off. In high ambient light, contrast is not as bright as reflection, and in low ambient light, when backlight is turned on, the display is not as bright as transmission.