From Genyu’s production equipments to see why customer choose Genyu


LCD line is   a heavy capital line, related to many critical processes and need many special machineries which will be the insurance for the production running stabled and qualified. To elaborated this, I will start with the process flow to show you why It is like this.


From above production process flow, we can see that LCD panel line process is complex and many of them need special machine to control otherwise it will easily cause the quality or production cost problem which frequently happened in some small or medium sized companies and sometime only a trading company in China mainland 

Such as:

Ultra sonic cleaning machine  for the  process ITO glass cleaning

PR coating machine for the PR coating

Exposure machine for the Exposure

Etching machine for the etching

Spacer spray machine for the spacer spray

Silk printing machine for the frame printing and silk printing

Rubbing machine for the rubbing

SiO2 cure machine for the SiO2 cure

PI printing machine for the SiO2PI printing

Oven for the pre-bake

Assembly machine for cell assembly

Hot pressing machine and curing machine for seal main cure

ITO glass laser cutting machine, ITO glass breaking machine for Cell scribing

LC injector for LC injection

Sealing machine for cell adjustment and end seal

Pin assembly machine, UV dispensing machine, edge trimming machine for pin assembly

Polarizer cutting machine and polarizer laminating machine for polarizer

Electronic test machine for electronic & visual inspection

I list the most simple processing and the commonly used machineries, if related to some special process, such as COB, COG etc. machineries are more complexity.

To see the main equipments, please visit our website page video page:

This give us a very clear hint that doing LCD, special and advanced machineries are very important whether on quality consideration or on cost reduction consideration.

Genyu with nearly 20 years deep exploring and cultivating, accumulate many famous brand customers. Because we possess all of the auto and semi-auto special equipments for the production to let our customers satisfactory with our quality and maintain the long and stable cooperation and this is also let Genyu continuously make progresses for so many years. It is a long time effort and our customer’s long time support and trust that we have today’s scale and talent.

We welcome costumers whether or not from domestic or oversea come to our factory for the visiting and instructions. To give us detailed requirement even some of our shortness to let us make modifications to better support our customers.