What parameters do you need for custom segment LCD screen


Order Segment Code LCD screen need to provide the following parameters: 

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1, Segment Code LCD SCREEN SIZE: LCD LCD screen shape size (the longest side and the widest side of the glass size) and window size (LCD display area length and width size, drawing with VA) ; 

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2, segment code LCD DISPLAY CONTENT: CAD software to draw a good size map and display effect map, display content is divided into sections, that is, which are displayed together into a section. Dimensions and sections refer to the following images:

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3, Segment Code LCD screen display color: positive (gray on black or yellow on black) , negative (blue on white or black on white or color segment screen) ;

 4, Polarizer type: full transparency (such as transparent glass, need backlight) ,

 5. SEGMENT SCREEN MATERIALS: TN, HTN, STN, STN, FSTN and VA, STN and FSTN have wider viewing angles than HTN and are more expensive, white character on black background or color code-breaking screen generally uses VA material, 

6, Segment Code Lcd Screen Working Voltage: Generally 3.3 v or 5 V,

 7, segment LCD working temperature: room temperature (0 °C ~ 50 °C) , wide temperature (- 20 °C ~ 70 °C) , ultra wide temperature (- 30 °C ~ 80 °C) , according to Your Product Application Choice; 

8, Break Code Screen Display Angle: Angle of view and reaction speed are their common characteristics and common differences. Now people touch the most is the mobile phone LCD screen, collectively known as TFT screen, basically is not visible, angular range of attenuation, and the lower class of TN, HTN, STN display has a significant difference in perspective. Industry Noun Parameters: 6H, 9H, 3H, 12h. That's what we mean by 6:00,9:00,3:00,12:00. A clock is used as a reference-indicating the direction of the viewing angle, 6:00 for elevation, 3:00 for left, 9:00 for right, and 12:00 for overhead. These are the most important points to make when shopping. 

9.Break Code Screen Connection: Metal Pin, conductive tape, FPC, etc. . 

10, segment code LCD screen drive mode and voltage: drive mode and drive IC matching a set, so in the choice of LCD should be selected before the drive IC, driver IC will have a detailed description inside. Or directly into the display module, you can not consider this content. The industry terminology is: Duty Cycle and bias voltage ratio of the two. As long as these two parameters are provided LCD factory will have a solution, voltage is also required to provide.

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