What is the difference between an LCD lattice screen and a segment LCD screen


1. Dot Matrix LCD screen is an array arranged according to certain rules. The common pattern is dot Matrix LCD module. The DOT Matrix LCD screen is made up of many display points, such as 12864 Dot Matrix LCD screen, that is, 128 horizontal points, 64 vertical points, a total of 128 x 64 points. Control the DOTS to display the text and image you want to see. Compared with the segment code LCD screen to display more screen and content.

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2. Segment code LCD screen is also called pen segment LCD, segment code LCD screen refers to the fixed text or graphics which can only be displayed or not displayed at the fixed position of the screen, can only be used for simple character and number display, because power consumption is very low, used to replace LED digital tube (7 pen segments, used to display 0 ~ 9) , such as: Computer, electronic clock, air-conditioning panels. The content of the display is digital, the content is relatively smooth, compared to a relatively simple. 

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These are the differences between the two LCD screens. More LCD LCD screen about the problems can be discussed with the small series together.