Introduction of COG packaging technology


Brief introduction of COG packaging technology

For the designers of industrial display, vehicle display and portable equipment, the LCD screen of COG packaging technology has many advantages over the traditional packaging. This article compares COG technology with traditional packaging technology, shows the main differences between the two, and explains why COG display modules are thinner, more reliable, more flexible for customers, and more cost-effective.

The liquid crystal display is usually in the form of a liquid crystal display module, with a built in drive circuit that is easy to install and highly reliable. However, adding the traditional package drive circuit to the LCD module will cause some disadvantages, such as: 1 & GT; increase the thickness of the Display 2 & GT; INCREASE THE COST 3 & GT; increase the failure rate of the LCD module.


All of these shortcomings are important considerations when it comes to displays for industry, cars, and portable devices. This is why designers in these fields should strongly consider liquid crystal modules using COG packaging technology. Cog Display module has a very thin shape, high reliability, and reasonable cost price. In a traditional LCD module, the driver IC is mounted on a PCB at the back of the LCD module. This more than doubled the overall thickness of the display. The driver IC is connected to PCB with fixed pins, and the quality of these pins is the key factor to the reliability of LCD products, because LCD usually requires a lot of driver inputs (even if multi-drive technology is used) . And such a traditional packaging, driving IC exposed to the air, the environment by the greater impact. In contrast, the COG display module installs the driver IC directly on the overlapping edge of the LCD glass, less than 3 mm thick, and all connections from the driver IC to the LCD module are completely isolated from the environment. With the COG packaging technology, each driver IC connector requires only one binding, which ensures the best reliability of the module.