What display screen is more suitable for small household appliances?


In the past, small household appliances were displayed with some LED digital tubes, which were composed of seven pen segments. Through the brightness and extinction of pen segments, the numbers and letters were displayed. Only 0 ~ 9 and some English letters were displayed. It was very simple and low cost, another control is achieved by pressing a key.

Segment code LCD as the main display of small appliance industry, there are many applications, the working principle is to show some fixed position digital or character patterns through the light and dark, relatively simple, low power consumption, and more than the digital tube display content, the cost is relatively low, but the content is fixed, can not change content at will, and because the screen size limit, the amount of content is fixed


In addition, there is a dot-matrix LCD screen, the display effect is very good, the cost is slightly higher than the digital tube and the segment code LCD screen. The dot-matrix screen is composed of many pixels in a range, and these pixels are arranged in an array manner, for example, 128x64 is composed of 128 horizontal and 64 vertical points, can display rich colors, animation. Small appliances using lattice screen, you can carry out some simple mode, number, time display, such as the microwave oven time display countdown, the former is a digital tube or segment code screen program, when the water dispenser or air conditioning failure, can only display E1, e2 code, and then through the manual to find specific reasons and solutions, if the use of dot matrix screen can display text, you can prompt; please replace the filter, please add snow seeds and other direct solutions to the problem, it’s more intuitive, more convenient.

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