What Reason is TFT LCD screen garbled?


TFT screen error code key has the following four reasons:

   1. PCB and TFT screen PIN PIN PIN middle shift, power levels can not be a one-to-one correspondence, this time to analyze the reasons for the shift.

  (1). Because of the problem of assembling your own skill in assembling, it is time to assemble again. 

  (2). PCB board installation hole location is wrong. 

  (3). LCD liquid crystal display don't trim accurately.

  2.PCB circuit board is bad, at this time there will be a test board working clothes test again board.

  3.Outside interference may also cause TFT screen display disorder, here found outside interference, clear can. For example: Shock Wave, electrostatic induction and so on.

  4.The problem of integrated IC itself, integrated IC bad ability to expand interference, easy to construct, is very vulnerable to external power supply circuit hazards.