How many colors can the segment LCD display


How many colors can the LCD display?

First, the segmented screen displays a variety of colors by screen printing on the bottom glass surface or on the bottom polarizer. We also divide the problem into two scenarios.

Typically, when a segmented screen is used for forward display, the, most of them print only with a black screen (for example, a remote screen) or with a red screen (for example, a heartbeat on a treadmill screen) or with a red screen (with a red screen) .

However, screen printing on a positive screen is poor because you can't imagine the color of screen printing clearly when the segmented screen is not powered on.

Second, how many colors can be displayed when the segmented screen is negative? For liquid crystal display, a maximum of five colors can be displayed on a screen.

Why Can't there be six, seven or more?

Let Me Give You a brief introduction to the screen printing process to understand it. For example, a segmented screen with a negative display prints in five colors: red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. Then 5 screens are made before screen printing (commonly known as stencil) , and red is first screened. If screen printing deviation, less printing and more printing problems occur during this process, please erase and re-screen printing until the requirements are met.

It is then dried or sent to the oven to air-dry (no more than the LCD storage problem) . After drying the screen, visually check whether the screen meets the requirements of the drawing again. After printing red screen, change to yellow screen mold and start printing yellow screen. The steps are the same as above.

If the yellow screen printing process screen printing is not good, you should erase all the previous red and yellow screen printing, and from scratch. What about the five colors? Therefore, screen printing process is relatively cumbersome and lengthy, the need for strict processing.

In general, the segmented screen factory screen printing color recommended that customers use 3 or 4 colors, because there is no need to extend the production cycle, reduce the production scrap rate, and can improve the unit price profit margin.